All Our Yesterdays, by Cristin Terrill

YESTERDAY Marina was sallourafe, privileged, wealthy. She was falling for James – the super-brainy youngest son of a very powerful family. Yesterday ended badly.

TODAY Em is in a cell she may never get out of alive. There’s a flicker of hope when she talks to the boy in the cell next to hers – and when she remembers who she used to be… yesterday.

TOMORROW Em has a mission. She must escape and travel back in time. She must kill the boy Marina loved to saver her future.

I bought this books back in February because it seemed intriguing and well, I wanted to read it. But once I started it I was a tiny bit disapointed with it, but that was only at the beginning and because I wasn’t reading it in the best conditions, there was noise around me every time I tried to pick up the book and that was annoying, but once I got into it I literally could not stop reading it. I loved it! I loved every piece of it and I think I will have to reread it soon because I want to take in every detail of it.

I don’t know where to start, there is so much to this book and I really do not want to give too much away so I will try to keep it simple. All Our Yesterdays is a unique read, it was different from every dystopia I’ve read so far and reading it was like a breath of fresh air, really! It’s not your regular dystopia, though there are some “things” that we can find in every dystopia (I won’t say which ones because spoilers). I loved that the books raised real philosophical questions about good and evil and whether or not the means justifies the ending, the book showed that there is a really thin line between good and evil. Those are questions we are confronted to in real life and I liked the way Cristin Terrill adressed it. 

The story follows Marina and Em and I truly loved the two differents points of views, I thought it gave an edge to the story. At first I felt like I was reading two different books because Marina and Em are so different from each other, Marina’s part felt like reading a contemporary, she was just a regular teen with regular teen problems while Em’s was more like dystopia and action-packed and I adored this side of the story, it was interesting and enriching.

The different flashbacks allow the reader to learn more about the characters and to feel for them. I especially loved Em and Finn, Em was a great character to read about, she is so strong and I could not help but feel pain for this girl and everything that has happened to her. As for Finn, he was totally my type, so you can guess that he is now on my never-ending list of book-boyfriends ahahah. 

Overall I enjoyed this book, even though as I already said it, it was kind of hard for me to read it because of all the noise around me when I read it. Of course, no book is perfect and this one has some flaws but I gave it 5/5 stars on Goodreads anyway. I had a great time reading this book, the time travel dimmension was well achieved, I liked that it was different from what I’m used to, it reads as an action movie because of the action-paced narration and the turn of events is interesting and dynamic. 

For the record, this book was written as a stand-alone but then the author wanted to write a sequel that was supposed to come out on August and I was a bit disappointed to learn that there would be a second book because I thought that the ending was just perfect : bittersweet but not hopeless, it was the perfect ending for this book and I didn’t know how the author would be able to write a second book after that. Turns out she won’t so I am relieved to know that. If you want to know more about it, she wrote a full post about it on her blog

I tell her she’s beautiful and perfect and she’s going to be okay. I tell her she doesn’t need to change herself to fit in with shallow girls or to matter to someone. I tell her everything I wish I had ever known. I tell her I love her, and I realize as I say it that I love me, too.

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