Hello there ..

So I thought that the best way to inaugurate/start this blog was to introduce myself to you. So here I am. Trying to find something to tell you about me. It’s quite tricky actually as I’m not really used to talk about myself, I always try to talk about something else but I know I might as well do it now!

So my name is Melody, I am a 22 French college girl studying English. I love English and it’s quite weird but for some reason, when things get personal, I love to talk/write in English that’s why this blog will be in English rather than in French which is my native language. I think that even the simplest word is way more beautiful in English than in French..

Other than my obvious obsession with English, I love to read (which is why this blog actually exists) and for the past year, I changed a lot as a reader. I pay more attention to what I read, I’ve been always kind of “sensitive” about the writing style of an author, but not as much as I am now I think, I feel like I am more aware of the content of a book. This realization made me want to write reviews, to give my opinion about the books I read, to share with other people my thoughts. The people I use to hang out with don’t read. In fact, my family doesn’t really get my love for books and how I always need more and more books, how it’s never enough, so I thought that the only way for me to talk about them, to share all my feelings was to create a book/literary blog.

So here I am, writing the very first article of the blog, excited as hell and also a little bit scared of what might come out of this.

To all of you, welcome in here I hope we can all be friends! ;)


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